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Little or No Electrical Knowledge

Although it is not impossible to learn this subject without some basic understanding of electricity and electronics, it is unlikely that you will find a position of employment without that knowledge to support your understanding of how PLCs work and how to use them. We have two lectures, “Basics of Electricity and Magnetism Pt1/Pt2” that will get you started and/or refresh an old acquaintance. The Introduction to Programmable Logic Controller lectures (Pt1 & Pt2) builds on the above lectures to introduce a fundamental understanding of relay ladder logic. Watch those lectures, either on YouTube or purchase the CL100 disk lecture set, and if you are comfortable with those concepts, then you have some electrical background. If you are really serious about learning the entirety of industrial control systems, including interfacing incompatible electrical circuits, then you should consider a community college course on the subject… OR… if you are a self motivated learner, then something like the Elenco Model EP-130 learning kit and an excellent book on the subject will suffice while you are learning PLCs.