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RM 112 - Complete PLCLearn w/Micrologix 1400 Lab Lecture/Discussions

Although there is a lot to learn from watching this series of lectures. However...without the use of the manual in front of you, there is much that will not make sense.

This series of lab project lecture/discussions are for this manual...It was written using the 1766-L32BXB Micrologix 1400 controller.

The content of this manual is not the same as the two previous manuals that were written around projects for the 1761-L10BXB 10pt. MicroLogix 1000...but all of the projects in this manual can be executed with any Micrologix processor with minor differences...in particular...some controllers use the OSR instead of the ONS oneshot instructions and only the 1100 and 1400 controllers support Ethernet communication.

Configuring RSLinx Drivers - 25 minutes

Basic Navigation and Data Table - 22 minutes

First Rung of Logic - 38 minutes

Using the Calculator with Number Systems - 5 minutes

Controller Modes and More Data Table - 19 minutes

Creating Logic with Drag-n-Drop - 27 minutes

Seal In Logic with Practical Example - 22 minutes

Latch-Unlatch Logic with Practical Example - 16 minutes

Challenge #1 - 40 minutes

One Shot Instruction with Practical Example - 31 minutes

Timer Data Type with (TON) Practical Example - 18 minutes

TOF Instruction - 14 minutes

RTO Instruction - 21 minutes

RTO Practical Example - 13 minutes

Timers-n-Lights - 16 minutes

Virtual Cylinders - 47 minutes

Counter Data Type - 18 minutes

Counters with Practical Example - 16 minutes

Comparison Instructions - 26 minutes

Math Instructions with Practical Example - 21 minutes

MOV Instructions with Practical Example - 11 minutes

BSL - Bit Shift Left Instruction - 30 minutes

BSR - Bit Shift Right Instruction - 9 minutes

Basic Sequencing Pt.1 - 14 minutes

Basic Sequencing Pt.2 - 18 minutes

Basic Sequencing Pt.3 -  7 minutes

Virtual Machine Sequencing Pt.1 - 19 minutes

Virtual Machine Sequencing Pt.2 - 44 minutes

Virtual Machine Sequencing Pt.3 - 25 minutes

Virtual Machine Sequencing Pt.4 - 32 minutes

Virtual Machine Sequencing Pt.5 - 17 minutes