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43 - NEW! The Complete PLCLearn Series, RSLogix500 for Micrologix +PLUS Free Software


This is the same manual as product #41 but it includes an unlabeled USB memory stick with software (Micro Starter Lite - RSLinx Lite & RSLogix Emulate 500), product manuals and a special project file for using RSLogix Emulate 500. We do not sell this software, it is free from the manufacterer, we are providing it on a USB memory stick.

...developed specifically with the MicroLogix 1400 processor, the flagship of the MicroLogix family, but is compatible with all Micrologix controllers and can be adapted to SLC500 PLCs. 290 pages of full color step by step lab projects. Manual only...video lectures on USB Drives, cables and hardware are separate purchases.

This manual can be used with all Micrologix controllers; 1000/1100/1200/1400/1500 or with the emulation...the 1000 has a different one shot instruction than the others...

In addition to lab projects this manual includes many technical discussions that support the understanding of industrial automation. A subscription to the lectures that support the projects in this manual can be purchased at this link...

Lecture series for this manual, click here...

The five original instructions; XIC, XIO, OTE, OTL and OTU are well exercised throughout the manual. Timer and counter datatypes are integrated into practical applications using the TON, TOF, RTO, CTU, CTD and RES instructions. The practical programming challenges include the use of all of the comparison instructions; GRT, LES, GEQ, LEQ, EQU, NEQ, MEQ and LIM.

The basic math instructions; ADD, SUB, MUL and DIV are covered in more than one lab project as well as some of the practical programming challenges.

Data movement is demonstrated with the MOV and MVM instruction along with an in depth discussion of Mask values and how to use them.

 Bit shifting with the BSR and BSL instructions are given adequate coverage.

More than 100 pages of evolving programming strategies provide a good background in the most common programming techniques. VIrtual processes are used to demonstrate many different styles of programming.

Although you can execute some of these projects with other Micrologix controllers, the optimum use of this manual will be the result of using a Micrologix 1400. The 1766-L32BXB or BXBA is the recommended controller.

It is recommended that you build your hardware learning station using our Digital Field Device Simulator. An image of the units that we use in live classroom delivery is shown. These can be purchased, special order only.

This digital field device simulator has six enhanced 4 state inputs and six LED outputs behind the pushbuttons. The processor is a 1766-L32BXB with the PTO/PWM outputs landed on orange terminals for external usage. One of the high speed counters is connected to the white terminals for use with devices such as encoders. Two additional inputs and outputs are extended to the blue and green, respectively, terminals for external input and output field devices.


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