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300 - 5 Day RSLogix/Studio5000 On SIte Class - $7,895.00 - 4 or fewer attendees

300 - 5 Day RSLogix/Studio5000 On SIte Class - $7,895.00 - 4 or fewer attendees


$1,495.00 for each attendee over 4. 

We put the Factory into this course and we can put this course into your factory.

The curriculum for this series is designed for electricians, technicians and engineers that have little or no experience with programmable automation controllers (PAC). It is also suitable for technical personnel with experience using controllers other than Allen Bradley as well as those that need a refresher. The course starts at the most fundamental level with PACs and progresses with each additional Lecture/Lab combination.

The primary hardware platform used in this course will be CompactLogix with RSLogix5000 programming software. With the expansive range of concepts to cover with the Logix Engine, any discussion of older hardware platforms(RSLogix500/PLC) will be incidental in clarifying the 5000 Logix Engine.

Upon completion of this course, the learner takes away a solid understanding of what a Programmable Automation Controller is, how PACs are implemented and the necessary skills to analyze ladder logic diagrams for the purposes of troubleshooting, editing existing logic and adding new logic to integrate process improvements of  the process/machine controlled by the PAC.

The learner will take away a solid understanding of what a PAC is, how PACs are implemented, and the necessary skills to analyze ladder logic diagrams for the purpose of troubleshooting the processes/machines controlled by a PAC. Attendees take home the project manual.

In the photo above, the PAC is a CompactLogix. We always bring enough laptops, software licenses and PAC learning stations to limit the number of learners on a station to a maximum of 2.


Some of the lecture subjects and supporting lab projects with a real PAC:

Computer hardware and operating systems on the shop floor

What is a programmable automation controller?

What is machine control and what is process control?

Mastering RSLinx w/Ethernet & RS232 on the shop floor – reducing downtime…

Using RSLogix5000 as a troubleshooting tool – reducing downtime

Troubleshooting PAC Hardware – reducing downtime…

Recognizing and troubleshooting communication protocols and adapters…

Troubleshooting manufacturing processes with RSLogix5000 to reduce downtime…


A Certificate of Completion will be available for all attendees.

A Certificate of Competency awarded for successful participation in monitored tests at the end of each day of participation.

The following outline is broad and not cast in concrete. We have a lot of content to select from to fill a five-day course with hands on learning experiences appropriate to your processes. We can also include discussions of your specific hardware and programs in class.

Day One

A. Evolution of Electrical Control Systems

B. Lab Session – RSLinx

C. Interactive Quiz

D. Basics of  Industrial Controllers – P1

E. Lunch Break

F. Lab Session – Creating a Project, adding I/O

G. Basics of  Industrial Controllers – P2

H. Lab Session – Downloading and Keyboard Surfing

I. Interactive Quiz

Day Two

A. RSLogix5000 – Graphical User Interface

B. Lab Session – Module Defined Data Types

C. Interactive Quiz

D. Electrical control circuits and I/O Interfaces

E. Lunch

F. Lab Session - Module Defined Data Types

G. Evolution of Computer Control

H. Lab Session Ladder Logic Diagram Instructions

I. Interactive Quiz


Day Three

A. Lab Challenge One Pt 1 & 2, a Practical PAC Programming Example

B. Lab Session - One Shot Instruction – ONS

C. Lab Session - Timer Data Types

D. Lab Challenge 1 Pt 3 & 4, a Practical PAC Programming Example

E. Lunch

F. Lab Session - Counter Data Types

G. Challenge One Pt 5 & 6, a Practical PAC Programming Example

H. Challenge One Pt 7, a Practical PAC Programming Example

I. Lecture/Demo 6 - Controller and I/O Hardware

J. Interactive Quiz

Day Four

A. Understanding File Stacks used in LLDs

B. Lab Session – Misc.

C. Lab Session – Math & Logical

D. Lab Session – GSV/SSV

E. Lunch

F. Lab Session -  Sequencing

G. Communication between Controllers

H. Lab Session – CIP Messaging

I. Interactive Quiz

J. Wrap Up

Time Permitting or Day Five

A. Loading, using and maintaining Rockwell Software revision

B. PWM/PTO Welder Lab Challenge

C. Analyzing PLC program logic

D. Interactive Quiz

Fill in activities or Day Five

A. Industrial Garage Door Opener

B. Plant Air Compressor Rotation Scheduling Lab Project

C. Interactive Quiz

D. Challenge Results Discussion

Coverage of the listed subjects is subject to the level of experience of the attendees. We cover all the basics and as much of the other subjects as can be delivered during the five-day period.

Testing available, if requested by your Company’s Administration…

Link to a full description of the lab project manual…


It is not possible to exhaust the content in this manual in a five-day course. The attendees can continue with this manual on their own and it is an excellent reference for on the job situations.

Listed price is a base price for 4 or less attendees. Allow $1,495.00 for each additional attendee.








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