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02 - MicroLogix1000 Learning Package - Enhanced Multi-Purpose Inputs and Outputs, Manual, Software & Cable


Although this product usually ships within 48 hours, however, at certain times of the year with heavy purchasing it may take longer.

This new version of the MicroLogix1000 Lab Station has many improvements, not the least of which is the professionally machined and printed enclosure.

1. Special inputs: All six of this controller's inputs can be controlled with toggle switches, allowing you to simulate many field devices that are not momentary but might be in the On state for minutes or even hours. All six inputs can be used as maintained On or maintained Off. There are many cases when you want a momentary On state and not a maintained On state, which you could have accomplished by flipping the toggle switch On and then immediately toggle it Off. Sometimes, we turn it on to complete the sequence and we forget to turn it off. For that reason, both IN0 and IN1 have a special circuit that includes normally open pushbuttons on the right side of the box, red for IN0 and green for IN1. AND... There are situations where you want an input On most of the time, with an occasional interruption or momentary change to the Off state. For this purpose, IN0 has a normally closed pushbutton (also part of the large red pushbutton on the right) included in its circuit. In0 gives you four possibilities: Maintained Off, Maintained On, Momentary Off (toggle switch On, push red button) and Momentary On (toggle switch Off, push red button).

2. Bright and easily seen LED lights for the four outputs. The red and green output lights do double duty as pushbuttons for IN0 and IN1. The lights may vary in color from the unit in the photo, especially OUT02 and OUT03.

3. All I/O field device simulators are clearly marked for quick access. Quite often, with the older unmarked lab station, you had to count from the first input to whichever input of which you wanted to change the state. It was too easy to lose your train of thought if you had to stop and figure out which switch was what, and... if you toggled the incorrect switch, it could trash your logical sequence and then a reset/restart would be required.

4. With the previous lab stations, you had to unplug something to power down your lab station at the end of your lab session; this new station has a power switch and a pilot light for convenience.

5. This package includes the hardware learning station, power adapter, communication cable, information disk with software and the manual. Information on the manual and cable can be found by looking at those products individually on this site. We do not repeat those descriptions here. The training hardware station is the only item that cannot be purchased individually except by special request and quoted individually.

How to use this lab station:

1. Watch the lecture series; CL100 online course... OR ...CL100 Lecture disk set... OR ... "Intro to PLC Lectures" classroom on this website.

2. The included disk, in addition to hardware manuals has copies of the software required to complete all projects. Load RSLinx Lite and Micro Starter Lite on your computer. Avoid Vista and Windows 8, XP or Windows 7 works best. The included cable is for use with USB ports only.

2. Use this lab station with the included manual to complete the lab projects as described below.

3. Watch the Lab Wrap-up Lecture/Discussions from the disk set... OR ... the online courses CL101, 102 & 103... OR ... Basics - Advanced I and Advanced II classrooms on this website.

A complimentary Information disk is included with each lab station. This disk, in addition to many manuals and documents, includes copies of all of the software that you need to program a Micrologix1000 or 1100.

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