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11 - Online RS500 Course - CL101 – Basics Programming with RSLogix500

11 - Online RS500 Course - CL101 – Basics Programming with RSLogix500


This is a lab project series with lab discussion/lectures. It is recommended that you complete at least the first half of CL100 – Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers before you begin this course.

This Basics course along with the Advanced l (CL102) and Advanced II (CL103) lab project courses and the lecture series course (CL100) is the “Complete PLCLearn Series”. The lab projects are identical to those in the Complete PLCLearn Series lab project manual available in our bookstore at PLC eUniversity. It is not necessary that you purchase the manual to complete this course. All of the projects are contained in the modules in this course. It might be more convenient to purchase the manual for offsite study, but unnecessary nonetheless. Do not register until you have your hardware trainer or emulator in hand and the software needed loaded onto your computer.

It is recommended that you do not register for this course until you have completed enough of CL100 – Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers,  this will allow you to determine upon which platform you are going to complete the lab projects, either a hardware trainer with a real PLC or using Emulate 500.

Most of the lab projects are followed by a lab lecture/discussion. There are several lectures from other courses that are repeated in this course to make it a standalone course and for your convenience.

Certificates are issued upon completion of the course.

If purchased out of the PLC eUniversity Bookstore, our staff will receive a notification from PayPal and they will assign you to the course using your email address and a password that we will assign to you and then email to you. This will allow you to log on to the Learning Management System site and attend the course.

The course duration is limited to 30 days from the date of your first log on.

This lab project series is comprised of these modules:

  1. Introduction to the course – 5m
  2. Configuring RSLinx drivers – Lab
  3. Configuring RSlinx drivers – Discussion/Lecture – 38m
  4. Configuring Communication Channels – Lab
  5. Configuring Communication Channels – Discussion/Lecture – 50m
  6. Navigation and editing of the Database – Lab
  7. Navigation and editing of the Database  – Discussion/Lecture – 9m
  8. Exploring the Database – Discussion/Lecture
  9. Database Editing from Your Keyboard – Discussion/Lecture – 8m
  10. A Tale of Two Computers, a PLC Allegory – Lecture – 8m
  11. Saving your Project, Downloading and going Online – Lab
  12. Using the Help Files – Lecture/Demonstration – 40m
  13. Creating and Editing Ladder Logic Diagrams – Lab
  14. Offline vs. Online – Discussion/Lecture – 12m
  15. Downloading Edited LLDs and going Online – Lab
  16. Downloading Edited LLDs and going Online – Discussion/Lecture – 19m
  17. Ladder Logic Diagrams – Lab
  18. Ladder Logic Diagrams – Discussion/Lecture – 8m
  19. The One Shot Instruction – Lab
  20. The One Shot Instruction – Discussion/Lecture – 8m
  21. Online Edit Zones – Lab/Demo
  22. First Timers – Lab
  23. First Timers – Discussion/Lecture – 35m
  24. TON vs. TOF Instructions – Lab
  25. Retentive Timers RTO – Lab
  26. Free Running Timer – Lab
  27. Cylinder Application with Timers – Lab
  28. Counters CTU/CTD – Lab
  29. Counters – Discussion/Lecture – 12m
  30. Opening Projects from the Hard Drive – Lab
  31. Opening Projects from the Hard Drive – Discussion/Lecture/Demo
  32. Configuring the Display – Lab
  33. Going Online without a Project – Lab
  34. Going Online with a Project – Lab
  35. Using the Search Feature – Lab
  36. RSLinx Pt.1 – Lecture/Demo – 17m
  37. RSLinx Pt.2 – Lecture/Demo – 35m
  38. RSLinx Pt.3 – Lecture/Demo – 10m


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