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00 - PLC Lecture Series - Basic discussions for all PLC/PACs Free on website


This four disk set, three disk with video lectures and an information disk with manuals and software, replaces the two disk lecture series that we have offered as the launching point for the Complete PLCLearn Series. This set includes all of the original lectures plus many more, some of the original lectures replaced with newer versions. This set of lectures is from the online course CL100, but does not include pretests and tests nor a certificate as the online course provides.


Disk One

Introduction                                                                                     16min

Electricity and Magnetism Pt1                                                    32min

Electricity and Magnetism Pt2                                                    28min

Electricity and Magnetism Pt3                                                    56min

Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers Pt1.           34min

Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers Pt2.           29min

Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers Pt3.           40min

Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers Pt4.           29min

Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers Pt5.           25min

Disk Two

Building a Lab Station Pt1                                                21min

Building a Lab Station Pt2                                                20min

Building a Lab Station Pt3                                                28min

Using an Emulator                                                                          20min

Evolution of Machine Control                                                      8min

Disk Three

Computer Control                                                                           34min

Pencil and the Paycheck, an allegory                                         7min

PLC Hardware                                                                                  8min

A Rack of Memory                                                                          11min

Memory Mapping in RS500 Land                                               40min

Input and Output Data Structures                                             28min

Input and Output I/O Scans                                                         16min

Program Files vs. Data Files                                                          16min

Sinking and Sourcing I/O                                                               8min

RSLinx Pt1                                                                                        17min

RSLinx Pt2                                                                                        35min

RSLinx Pt3                                                                                        10min

Disk Four

Demo Version Free software

RSLinx – Micro Starter Lite – 500 Emulate


Micrologix 1000 – 1100 – 1200 – 1400 – 1500 - SLC500

Miscellaneous Documents

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