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04 - RS500 Complete PLCLearn Series - Lab Wrap-up Videos Free on Website


Although these 4 discs are free to view on YouTube, some like to have a more convenient access so we make them available to purchase. Limited availability, when these labeled discs are gone they will not be reprinted.

The manual is divided into three sections: Basics, Advanced I and Advanced II. These four discs provide the lab discussions for the three sections.

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  • Basics: 14 videos - 2Hours 50Min - 1 disc
  • Advanced I: 13 videos - 3Hours 10Min - 1 disc
  • Advanced II: 14 videos - 4Hours 25Min - 2 discs
  • Bonus Information Disc, while they last - Dozens of files, hardware manuals and more. This disc is a bonus. We do not sell software or manufacturers documentation.

On the Basics disc, title 02 does not respond to the menu, but is on the disc and instructions are included to open the disc and play that title.

Bonus disc while the supplies last.

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