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22 - RS5000 for the BeginnerPLUS: Lab Project Manual - 266 pages of full color


This is  the second volume in a series written specifically for the beginner to learn Programmable Logic/Automation Controllers. It does assume that the reader has already completed the first volume in the series "RS5000 for the Beginner" and understands the basics of industrial controller programming.

This manual, RS5000 for the BeginnerPLUS, builds on the skills acquired in the process of completing all of the lab projects in the first volume of this series. And, having watched the lecture series for CL100, either through the online course or on the disk set for CL100. An alternative to the online course or the disk set is to watch what lectures are available under the classrooms tab, Intro to PLC Lectures and then purchase this manual.
We do not accept any responsibility for the reader’s ability to access the appropriate software and hardware to complete the projects in this manual. With RS5000, you will have to invest monetarily in the learning process to a much higher degree than for RS500. The Complete PLCLearn Series is based upon the least expensive Micrologix1000 or the RS500 Simulator comprised of the Micro Starter Lite, RSLinx Lite and RS500 Emulate which is software pro gratis from Rockwell Automation.

With RS500 there is enough “free” stuff to complete the learning process. With RS500 you could use the MicroLogix1000 or the simulator, whereas with RS5000 the least expensive option for hardware is purchasing used from the web and purchasing an RSLogix5000 license from your local Allen Bradley distributor. Because of this hardware challenge, we will do most of the labs with CompactLogix and a few with ControlLogix. Keep in mind that almost anything that you can do with CompactLogix , you can also do with ControlLogix. Setting aside any differences in I/O part numbers, a 16 point digital output module serves the same basic functions in code whether it is a 1769 backplane or a 1756 backplane.
The Complete PACLearn Series is the most effective, least expensive and yet, the most complete training package available in the Programmable Automation Controller arena. To support that claim, it must provide real hands on experience, not product feature demonstrations, all lab exercises need to be step by step and fully illustrated; the lab exercises must address the less apparent nature of the products as well as the obvious. Nothing builds confidence like seeing it work with a real PAC.

It is also an exhaustive introduction to RSLogix5000 for the student, electrician, technician or engineer that is unfamiliar with the Rockwell Automation controllers that run the Logix engine and needs a quick start. The Complete PACLearn Series includes Lab Project manuals and supporting videos available for purchase.

This manual is a 266 page, full color, step by step guide. It covers the use of the RSLogix5000 graphical user interface. It begins with the file shift instructions , BSL & BSR and creating arrays. All of the comparison instructions are discussed and demonstrated in simple programs. ADD, SUB, MUL and DIV are demonstrated along with the MOV, MVM and logical instructions, AND, OR, XOR, SWPB, NOT, and BTD. After these instructions are covered, the projects move to the application exercising variations in programming styles to accomplish the same control.

The next phase of the manual introduces the sequencer instructions SQI and SQO, applying them to the same control function just accomplished with simpler instructions. With the use of a virtual machine process, the learner exercises several approaches to controlling that process.

Look closely at the additional images with this product, the table of contents and sample pages.

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