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70 - NEW!! Studio5000 - RSLogix5000 Complete Learning Series - 400 pages


This learning tool is comprised of two parts. You will receive two volumes with this order. A total of 397 pages. The color of the cover of the first volume, Fundamental Programming, may vary. If you receive a manual with a red/black cover, it is 100% identical in content, page by page as the manual with a blue/black  cover.

Part One - Fundamental Programming - 203 pages - All of the basic procedures for writing programs using RSLogix5000. The lab projects are limited to those that demonstrate the basic instruction set. Aside from discussions of PAC technology, the subjects addressed are: creating and managing projects; memory mapping; adding I/O modules to the project; downloading, uploading and saving projects; creating and editing tags; creating rungs of logic; using the watch panel; buffering I/O; seal in logix vs. latch/unlatch logic; one shot instruction, timer instructions; counter instructions; creating arrays; XIC, XIO, OTE, OTL, OTU, TON, TOF, RTO, ONS, CTU, CTD, RES, EQU - NEQ - GRT - LES - LEQ - GEQ - MEQ and LIM comparison instructions; ADD - SUB - MUL - DIV instructions; MOV instruction; AND - OR - XOR - SWPB - NOT - BTD instructions.

Part Two - Programming Examples - 194 pages - This manual includes all of the practical examples that are referred to in Part One, Fundamental Programming. It also includes procedures for configuring RSLinx, Flashing Firmware, Printing reports and many examples of adding I/O modules. This second manual is not available as a separate purchase, it is part of this set. The document was broken into two bindings for ease of handling and use in the classroom.

Some of the content in this manual is identical to that in the earlier editions of the collegiate edition as well as the Beginner and Beginner Plus manuals. The content has been expanded but the majority can be found in these earlier documents.

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